i’ve been forgetting so much of what’s going on lately. I think because there’s so much going on? I love to cling to every thing that’s happening, though, usually, so it’s driving me crazy that the days have been running together so much. so i’m going to force myself to keep better track of it on here. because awareness and mindfulness and being present and whatnot.

last week:

(the wknd prior was great – we went to naples and did other things that I can’t recall but I just wanted to make note that it was really good)

on monday (2/27) I was sick, like a feverish nasty kind of sick, an I-just-want-to-sleep-the-day-away-sick. it made the work day a bit rough. and then finally, work ended, and I basically didn’t move from the spot of the couch I was on. h dropped off some food, which i’ve yet to pay him back for (hehe). and then I watched two episodes of the chosen, which were both amazing. the scene where jesus and nicodemus were talking in the candlelight. so good. and then the episode with the woman at the well. cried a bit. even though I felt so bad, I had this feeling that it would only last a day. so, I went to sleep in that same spot. lol I barely moved that day

on tuesday I woke up and sure enough, I felt so much better. i’m assuming the work day went spiffy. I still took it easy quite a bit during the day. and then h took me to this trail park he’s been loving, it was nice to go outside. I half assed some running. I just felt frail, lol. and then I went to my painting class. at first I felt miserable and wanted to leave. but then things started to turn around, and I realized I was excited about what I was making and all I had to do was keep going. I ate two chocolate cupcakes.

on wednesday, um, the work day was fine. we looked into some things to do in new mexico. I can’t remember much. I think I ran to publix after work to get some dinner. and then we went to marriage counseling, which was good. we talked all about ~communication. and then we stopped at publix and got madi some flowers and put together a thank you card for taking our pictures. and then we dropped it off at the condo.

on thursday, I almost went into the office and didn’t. but I did start working on editing our pics and making a wedding website, and that was actually quite fun. especially the editing part. no one noticed but I made the sky purple. making the pics look the way they do now was actually a process, I enjoyed it a lot. after all that, I got a s’mores shake with h and then drove to cp to pick up my dress. it was a really pleasant place to walk around at dusk/night. I also bough some shoes. and I also found out that my mom was in the hospital. then I went back to the condo to be around everyone, and I worked a bit more on wed stuff. h met me in the garage when I got back : ) and then we sat on my couch and talked for a long time : ))

on friday I worked to get everything ready for a day off on monday : ) after work I went outside and walked around the student-focused art walk. watched some enjoyable class performances. bought an açaí bowl. just wandered around. and then h picked me up and we went to a movie night. juman ji 2 is so funny oh my goodness. I believe that was all.

on saturday I woke up and went back to sleep and didn’t end up actually waking up until 12:30. so the day was very short. I went over to hunter’s for a bit to eat his chicken nuggets and curly fries, and we watched some fishing and cat vids. then I came home and shortly after iv called and we talked for a good while. and then, h and I went to see jesus revolution and it was sUCH a good movie. we both loved it and researched the movement like crazy. that’s a nice little theater. always enjoyable. but that movie though, oh my gosh it was good.

on sunday we went to second service and served w the children and it went so well. then h got lunch with z and I went to whole foods and met up w them after. then we went to buy h a suit and we walked in and found the PERFECT one. it worked out so well, thanks Lord. then we came home, and just a bit later we went to the condo, which was also a nice time in my opinion. especially at first. dinner was good too. and then we stayed for a while and did budgeting stuff.

and that leads me to right this moment. glad i’m not working tomorrow, i’ve got a full list of tasks to do instead. I think the word of the moment is compassion. explanation to follow. chao!

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