wk recap

saturday: tied to sleep in, returned coqueta to her family, visited a cat, accidentally bought chocolate pudding at publix, walked around downtown ft myers with h and his papa. left and went to target, had dinner at kj’s with h, his dad, & my parents πŸ™‚

sunday: wore a cute outfit, went to service with h and his dad (missions, we’re in this boat together…), taught the 4th and 5th graders, bought some flip flops at publix, went to the beach with h (!), stopped by target to look for a journal, family dinner, jumanji

monday: drove to the apartment, worked, pet kitty, looked at rings at kay, went on a 2 mile run (so nice), came home and watched that weird jury duty show w m and s

tuesday: worked from the condo, got makeup done after work (!), went on a long walk, drove to publix with kenzie

wednesday: worked from the condo (long day), met with sherry m and k at sbucks to go over shower, designed a resume, drove to apartment, took a shower, went outside to the river with h, put our lock on the fence (!!!!), sat and talked and watched the beautiful sky, made hot cocoa, watched over the hedge ( πŸ™‚ )

thursday: worked from the apartment (very productive!), made a spreadsheet, mirrored some paintings for a canvas wrap, said hello to h, met with r, mom, d, and m at the church to go over wedding things, had dinner at panera with mom and d. came back to the condo, sat on the balcony πŸ™‚


  1. tropicalsportsfl · April 21

    Ew, put them dawgs up


  2. tropicalsportsfl · April 21

    Hey, spt, your dogs are out


  3. tropicalsportsfl · April 21

    Hey, you shouldn’t let ur dawgs roam around in public without a leash


  4. tropicalsportsfl · April 21

    them dawgs is barkin


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