full circle

i don’t know how to praise God enough. this weekend has been full of hard work paying off at last, and it’s only the beginning. hunter told me he was going to start training for a half marathon on february 22. and on saturday he ran 13 miles in the heat of the morning. right after that my parents moved into their home that had been destroyed nearly eight months prior on september 28. they’d been working so hard. everything had been so hard. it’s like there’s light now, and the hope that’s always been there is being dusted off and reaffirmed and it’s clearer than ever that good things are ahead. just in time for summer.

I can’t believe that i’m sitting here in the same place that it all began. after I graduated college and didn’t know what to do, and was so dramatic. i landed a job for a quack doctor and gained two talented and funny graphic design rabbis who taught me so much about design and life. covid happened. so much fishing and water. so much running along the palm tree-lined roads. so much fun in the loft, and also a little bit of hardship. and then a yr in, moving into a perfect apartment. what a gift from god that place is. it was so amazingly timed out. I remember, months before, going on a run per usual and running into the most beautiful sunset at the perfect time. and god said to me, “when the timing is this perfect, it usually means you had nothing to do with it.”

being so lonely at first and wishing I had someone to share it all with. and then, suddenly, running into hunter. he’d been there for months—we both had. but at some point, at just the right time, it became evident that we were both there together for a reason. everything was so perfectly arranged, i don’t know how to praise god enough. the timing of it all.

I can’t believe god has given me a husband. well I mean obviously I believe it, but i find it amazing. I can’t believe that all that time I spent praying that god would let me leave fort myers, he knew that just a year later my husband would show up to this town, and I would meet him six months after that. and now the wedding is in 26 days, and my family is living in their home again, and good things are coming out of hardship.

lord, i’m so grateful. I don’t know how to do justice to all of the care you’ve shown me and my life. all of this is my testimony. when the timing is this perfect, it usually means I had nothing to do with it.

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