It has recently been brought to my attention that 67 percent of my posts have depressing titles and feature depressing information. After re-examining my blog, I can confirm this. Oh my gosh! I am so negative. In truth, I didn’t even realize it. This is awful.

It’s not like good things don’t happen all the time. I just never notice them or share them or thank the Lord for them. So I’m gonna start opening my eyes. And acknowledging the good. Less ranting and melodrama. More celebration. (but still a good dose of ranting and melodrama)


Good things:

  • I met a man during jury duty who had once lived in New Mexico. He said, and I quote: “The desert has its own sort of beauty.” Yes! Wahoo. I love that.
  • I discovered I love to paint fish.
  • I recently learned how to make a gif on photoshop. So cool.
  • It is the fOURTH of July. Yay. Fireworks.
  • Ummmm. What else what else?

^This is really hard. I think it’s because sharing things that you are really, actually, sincerely excited or passionate about takes an extra level of vulnerability. It’s so much easier to just list off your problems than to open up your heart and talk about the things that matter most to you. Many times those things are people. Or movements, or organizations. And it is incredibly vulnerable to admit that those things matter to you. So much risk is involved—rejection, loss, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, failure, exposure.

Sharing good news is just so vulnerable. Good news…omg. The Gospel. Sharing the Gospel is hard because it puts us in a vulnerable position, possibly humiliating. The Gospel is the greatest, most joyful, celebratory news to ever exist, and somehow, that is why we are terrified to share it. It makes us feel straight up naked. Our fear of rejection paralyzes us.

At least, it paralyzes me.

This post has been slightly melodramatic. But I feel like I’m concluding with some really good stuff here. Lots of epiphanies. Lots to think about.


photo of pineapple wearing black aviator style sunglasses and party hat

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Pexels.com

I didn’t know WordPress has access to free stock photos. This lil guy is so cute.

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