happy bday sir.

when you were in school, you worked your ass off. and mom said you were tired all the time, but I never noticed. I just remember a charismatic and smart guy who talked a lot. you seemed full of energy to me. and everyone loved you. we would usually order to-go on friday nights, and you and I would drive together to chilis to pick up the food. I learned so much from you in those car rides. i’m not even kidding. I remember one time, you told me about plasma: matter that wasn’t completely solid, liquid, or gas. I thought it was so cool—my first grade teacher had never spoken of such a thing! it blew my mind. I admired you so much. you were my hero.

you still are. and I admire you even more now, only for different reasons. that’s all I shall say for now. I love u. hbd. gnight.

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