This. Is wayayayay too many umbrellas for a single person. I have two more in my car. Where did I get all of these? I think a bunch of them were Christmas presents, actually. And I think I stole a few from people. I always forget to take one with me on days it’s supposed to rain. Lol.

I used a filter on this dumb photo. It’s called “Vivid.” It made the colors super bright and a little unbelievable, but also very happy.

In heaven, I hope my eyes see everything through a Vivid filter. I hope the colors are so bright they overwhelm me. Crazy high saturation, all the time. It will be so surreal. So unbelievable. UGH. And beautiful. I can only imagine. Sigh.

Sublime—that’s the word to describe it. I love that word. Sublime.

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