(^just two older college girls making some jewelry ❤ ❤ ❤ )

Today my phone died and wouldn’t even charge. It was very annoying.

That’s the thing about technology: it doesn’t let you ignore it. If it’s broken, it just straight up stops working for you. And you have to deal with the problem and go all the way to the Apple store or the auto shop or wherever and get it fixed. I think that’s why I have so many issues with breaking things: I tend to ignore hazards. I cover up the problems with duct tape or makeup instead of stopping to figure out what’s causing the issues. I think a lot of people are like that.

But technology is a very technical thing. If your phone is broken, it does not try to lie to itself and pretend that it’s ok. It just spazzes out and forces you to pay attention to it, to open it up and put the wires back together or clean off the rust or reset the batteries. Maybe replace the SSD cards. I don’t know how phones work. You get the point.

But us—when we’re sleep-deprived or sick or depressed or addicted, we keep on functioning. We act like we’re all good to go and totally productive and unstoppable and whatnot. But really we’re broken and we’re misjudging things all the time.

It’s like all those tampon ads that say you can be unstoppable on your period. Pft. No you can’t. Periods suck. And sometimes you just want to accept that you feel like crap and need to skip leg day that week.

There are so many reasons why we pretend our problems don’t exist. And most of them have to do with pride and guilt and insecurity. They’re all related.

Turns out my phone just needed to be reset. Then it started working again.

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