we. are. so blessed. we’re so blessed. how did i end up in this place with all this stuff and these opportunities and people and joy and so much joy and comfort and all of this? what am i not seeing here? i’m a lucky girl to get to go to school. that’s what we have to remember. when we’re complaining about stress and anxiety and a lack of sleep. we are sosososososo lucky.

anyway. another season is coming along and i don’t know how it’s gonna go or how i’m gonna handle it or what’s gonna happen. we shall see we shall see.

anyway. this is some expensive cat food that looks very pretty. i wonder if someday i will design a cat food label. who knows. i have a feeling i will end up with a cat someday. actually, the pet i really want is a bird. i’ve always wanted a bird. i just think they are so precious. and pretty. but cats are good too. if i do design a cat food label, i hope it is inspiring like this. of course, i guess all branding is supposed to inspire. that’s the point. that’s what makes people buy it. unless it is a necessity. but if it is something like luxury cat food, it has to have an element of inspiration. so people will invest in it. and so people like me who don’t even have cats will notice it, pause, and imagine how they will one day have a cat so they can buy cat food like this. these are the types of things you learn about in college. i am very very blessed.

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