strong & faithful & empathetic


I stepped outside and the day was already over. Where did it go?

this blog is just one big form of procrastination. but whatever.

i’m realizing that I have a long way to go. in life. lots of growing up to do. lots of confidence to be gained. i’m not ready. I still don’t know anything about who I am. heck, I’m not even sure if my favorite color is actually orange. i’ve been saying it’s orange since fifth grade, because I said one thing and then everyone in fifth grade thought I was obsessed with the color orange, so I just went a long with it. and I haven’t changed it since, because I felt tied to the color orange. chained to it even.

I really don’t know if I even like it. I think I actually might like turquoise. but then again maybe I don’t; maybe I just like the fact that it’s associated with the southwest.

I don’t even know if i’m funny or not. sometimes I wonder if i’m actually much more outgoing than I think I am. and that being quiet doesn’t actually come from my personality. I just don’t know.

the point is i’m not ready. i’m content to wait. in fact, I would prefer to, at this point. so I can figure out who I am. and become a better person. a stronger and more faithful and empathetic person. and I need to do that on my own.

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