the avocado industry


xmas is here, obvio.

fun fact: another name for an avocado is an alligator pear. I learned a hella lot about the avocado industry this week. just for fun. and let me tell you, it is WILD.

back to xmas. holiday season is comin round. I guess it starts with halloween. aye yai yai, seasons. summer was so light-hearted and goofy and ephemeral. but fall, good grief. fall. it’s so emOTIONAL. Just so much change and reminders of change. Drives u crazy. everything feels so heavy with fall. makes u want to latch on to something, someone, anyone, just to feel grounded.

but that’s what trust is, ofc. it’s keeping your own self grounded even when the weather’s getting colder, and the emotions are getting heavier, and the isolation kicks in. it’s easy to talk about trusting God in the summer. much harder to actually do it when you’re cold and alone, and he isn’t talking to you anymore. but that’s when the shizzle gets real and the testing and strengthening starts to happen. you can’t get stronger if the shizzle isn’t real.



  1. Hottie Blondie · October 23, 2018

    you know, you’re a good writer like you really are

    like lots of voice
    its nice like were chatting at dunkin donuts (not starbucks cux they give money to liberals)

    Liked by 1 person

    • megpru · October 24, 2018

      Wow thank you. That means a lot coming from someone who is hot and blonde

      I happen to be a liberal


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