today I went on a journey. for a project. I ended up at fab’rik.

it’s been a very experiential art kind of day, actually. that’s all i’ll say for now 🙂

thoughts right now: I am a narcissist, and most of us are, but that’s not a great thing. I don’t want to be a narcissist. I also feel like my days are always very busy doing one thing after another, and to some degree, I don’t like that, but also, isn’t that all life is? just keeping busy, occupying yourself, until you die? is that all we’re doing here? fiddling around until it’s over? hmmm. I do think that meditation is important, actually. taking time to pause and think and pray and read and analyze where you’re spirit is in the moment. But during the day, when you’re running around, doing one thing after another, it’s easy to lose the point. it’s easy to get so caught up in yourself. I feel like that’s where i’m at right now.

also. the week flew by. my goodness.

One comment

  1. Hottie Blondie · October 23, 2018

    me too. even “I don’t wanna be a narcissist” is narcissistic to a certain point
    its true you get caught up in ur life forget about everyone else or god


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