2019 yens


bc yen sounds cooler than goal…

  • take more pics
  • give more
  • eat more organic stuff
  • plan life
  • enjoy college
  • grow out hair
  • be nicer
  • more eye contact
  • become tea connoisseur
  • read more
  • flawless skin
  • time management
  • sleep
  • paint
  • bird watching
  • seek out ppl
  • get certified
  • 2 more earrings
  • parasail
  • go to santa fe
  • learn about plants
  • illustration
  • find passion other than art
  • more cinnamon
  • call grandma more
  • omg this is my last year
  • omg where will I be this time next yr
  • get runner’s calves back
  • run more!

this list still in prog

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