Carl Winslow


it’s wild how much you can change in two months. geez.

I commend my mother. she’s been working so hard to pack the house. the reverend’s been away for 4 days. and when he gets back, it’ll be all bundled up. he’ll just have to lift things into the truck. and take a buttload of boxes to goodwill. and spackle up the holes in the walls. I mean those are hard jobs too. I guess. seriously it’s weird. men and women. their roles and whatnot. I mean that’s gotta be hard to figure out.

when I consider my future life, I just think about my job and maybe new mexico even though there’s the whole cold-at-night-in-the-desert thing that I have to figure out. I never think about kids or a family or whatever. but the other day I was watching a sitcom about this family. a dad, mom, 3 kids, the sister + her baby, and the grandma. and they all came together at dinnertime to sit and eat and tease each other. and I was like, hmm. I want that. so many sitcoms are about these big, crazy families, and we watch them because we wish our own lives were like that. we’ve chosen our jobs instead, so we just live vicariously through these shows. and that is like so dumb. crazy dumb. ridiculous. why do we do this to ourselves

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