hello. when u move a lot, u start to always feel slightly like an outsider wherever u go. so u learn to be observant. and u learn to look around and notice the way people arrange themselves. and u look for people on the outskirts. and u try to be open-minded. and it’s great, because u tend to get along with different people really well. and i’m grateful for this upbringing. because knowing what it’s like to be an outsider changes the way u go about your day. my boss once told me that the minute u have a problem, you become an outsider. I think that’s very true. whenever ppl have issues, they don’t go to the cool people; they go to the nice people. all of us non-locals r willing to help. because we get it. and by non-local I mean like in a spiritual/wordly sense. not just like a physical moving-to-fl sense. ummmmm. writing this down bc I was talking about these things the other day and kenzie was like, hmm that is so relatable. so I thought it might be worth holding onto. anyway xmas eve is in 5 minutes. soooo exciting. chao.

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