mkay. christmas break. here’s the lowdown, the memories, the snippets, yada yada: studying with mad @ the library; finishing my book project; sitting across the kitchen table from kenzie with our computers; watching Family Matters; talking to mom; packing my room; packing the kitchen with mom – so much bubble wrap!!; packing the garage with dad- so much work!!; listening to christmas music; last minute christmas shopping; breaking down at fresh market; main event with chris; packing at night in the living room with everyone; making a life plan on evernote; kenzie’s suck it GA cake; waiting; watching jeopardy; the dentist; loading – new people, long day, lots of work, getting pizza, hello; driving – long long long long long, mom and sissies, <3, subway with awkwardness, sooooo long; taco bell – late, dark, laughing; arriving – yo omg we here, unloading, hi ppl, unpacking; making beds; helping mom; buying blinds, driving around, so many palm trees; warmness, so warmmmmmm; church – panda express w/ mom + dad; more last min shopping; christmas eve – sweet, strange, outta the blue lol; late night gift-making; christmas day – awwww, new house, so sweet, secret santa, gifts gifts gifts, sooooooo sweet, cinnamon rolls, turkey, <3, byta, cactus books, wrinkle, poolside; new day; exploring; fort myers beach; the quiet beach; rich people; so warm; pools; seafood restaurant – so sweet, sunset, ❤ ❤ <3; sitting along the ocean – omg for real; watching madi fish – …hehe; new school anxiety; walking with madi; almost running with kenzie; temper tantrums – omg what’s wrong with me; loneliness – eek!; palm trees; all the stores; walmart parking lot breakdowns; panthers and whatnot; losing a ring; did the tv get bigger?; harry potter; infinity war; thor – omg sososososo funny; low bp + heart rate – why?; fun times at the DMV; lots of coffee creamer; church; bed bath & beyond w mom + kenzie + chocolate-covered pretzels; puzzle puzzle puzzle time; new years rockin eve; new year new life – yayayayay – fifty resolutions; a terrible football game; tv with da sissies; *barbie family reenactment w/ madi + kenzie – omg highlight of break, so funny; shopping with mom; birthday yay – fro yo, pollo tropical, shoes, candle, stickers, <3; one more day…packing; leaving – flying with dad, helping dad load more stuff, hotel in our own home, fukulaka, taco mac; goodbye, bowling w/ chris; driving back; home; home?; now here we are; what did I forget?; lots of precious snippets; now it’s back to this; here we go; I love you, Lord; I hope this year I do what you want me to

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  1. Kenzie Pruitt · January 31, 2019

    omg i love this


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