hump day + my soul


mkay. a few notes. but most importantly

hello. it’s all about perspective.

it’s so easy to get caught up in your own pool of sorrow. i’m talking about how you feel sorry for yeself. and you know you’re doing it, but ya just want to wallow in it for a bit. ya know, cuz it feels good to play the victim sometimes. but then you take one look at the list of unsponsored children at Compassion International, and you’re like, oh my gosh!!! what I mean to say is, you can’t force yourself to have compassion. and it doesn’t make you feel guilty about your own troubles; it kinda just makes you forget about them. I recently read somewhere that someone esteemed called millennials the “generation of emotional intelligence.” this could be a good thing I guess, but it’s also a result of us being too caught up in our own feelings to look outside of ourselves. and to take actual, physical action. we’re like too in touch with our emotions. and as a result, we’re selfish and depressed. sheesh.

but that’s this world, ya know. ya search for meaning in one place, and you’re completely disoriented. i’ve been reading a lot about the self care industry lately, because I realized that i’ve totally been a victim of it for the past month. you read all these blogs telling you to be mindful and have a morning routine and do all this meal prep and supplement/detox/crystal shit, and you start to think that the only way you’re gonna have a balanced and skin-glowy life is if you buy all this organic stuff and do what these chicks tell you. but it’s a freaking INDUSTRY. these things are trends. it’s a rat race. wellness is an illusion. —wow, that’s chilling. I actually got really caught up in all this stuff for a bit. and…wait for it…it hasn’t made me happy. it’s just put a big ole hole in my wallet. stupid goat cheese. i’m just kidding I actually rlly like goat cheese. but it is a lil pricey.

mkay also. sometimes I forget that I have a soul. like, last night I was reading the Bible for the first time in a bit, and the word soul came up, and I was like, oh yea, that. what is it again? and I like have one of those? like, which part of me is my soul? really crazy stuff.

Praise the LORD, my soul. Psalm 104:1a

^see? it’s like this guy is talking to his soul. like, hey, Soul: praise the LORD. like it’s a command/direct address. idk. just thinking about it. maybe I should talk to my soul more. or at least acknowledge it, lol. that’s a good start.

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