-my last scuba class was the most incredible experience of my young life. I thought I was going to die but I didn’t

-omg seriously the minute u trust the thing and just start to breathe underwater u see a whole new world.

-WOW. it was just amazing. wow.

-anyway. need to take more pics of life. always forget

-making decisions is so hard.

-I mean so hard. and then comes the second guessing after. just a mess.

-time management is hard also

-today I was testing my pepper spray and then like an idiot I walked into the area I had just sprayed and had a coughing fit.

-breathing underwater opened my eyes to the beauty of life and has made me sappy again. man life is so dang beautiful. and so much bigger than my little problems. makes all those hard decisions feel so teeny tiny.

-I have been INSPIRED

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