fried okra


I have a very strong abhorrence to road trips on account of the fact that i’ve been on so many. living 17 hrs away from extended family for 8 years + a thousand beach vacations meant lots of long long car rides. lots of motion sickness. boredom. dvd watching. arguing. and worst of all, sigh, cracker barrel. idk why but I hated that place, and we would always stop there on road trips bc it “determined a safe area.” supposedly.

but my parents loved the beach. and texas beaches are nasty. so we would always take that twenty hr drive to FL for the vacay. which is why now, it blows my mind that they can travel for thirty minutes in multiple directions any day they want and hit up the ocean. and it’s sunny like all the freaking time. and there r palm trees everywhere. like, how in the heck do they rlly live here??? and on top of that, there are many many fro yo spots in the area. dude.

what I mean to say is that I am v happy for them. and I hope they thrive. love em. thank you, Lord. I miss u. mkay. i’m done. chao.

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