in need of sleep + answers.

  1. is my whole face rlly going to peel like this?
  2. is it noticeable?
  3. what am I doing?
  4. are we on good terms, Lord?
  5. how much per week should I be spending on groceries?
  6. what are spark plug wires?
  7. where did my retainer go?
  8. is tony stark going to die?
  9. where am I going to be in 2 yr?
  10. are you tired of me, Lord?
  11. why isn’t there a tropical smoothie cafe in athens?
  12. what kind of flower is this?
  13. do I have a favorite flower?
  14. why not?
  15. why don’t i know my plants?

I want to learn to garden.

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