don’t want to do this dumb project at the moment. rather be sitting here staring at the wall or something. but oh well. gotta suck it up I guess. but not before I stall for a lil bit by writing this post.

on this very day last year I was thinking about art school and life and church and being uprooted and a million other things. but I was also enjoying myself quite a bit. and I still am, but now im in a different place and I think it’s really cool how much can happen in a year and how this online thing I have has kinda been a record of that. um um um what else can I stall with?

it’s come to my realization that we really don’t know what’s best for ourselves. ya know, we beg and beg for this stuff and then when we finally get it we realize we’re in over our heads. so I guess we should trust God’s timing or something.

also, this pic is freaking awesome. I was saving it for a super extra amazing post. but this will have to do bc i’m impatient. that was a good day. I got very burnt though.

i’m running out of things to say. guess that means I should go kick this project in the butt. ok. bye dad. talk to u soon.

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