spring is a-comin, folks. heck yes. march was a good month.

-an amazing diving lesson, withdrawing from that cray online class, quitting an internship (eep), decisions decisions, posters and logos, a lil soccer, a bs-ing masterpiece, spring breakkkkkkkk, wow. home, family, sunshine, flying, quilling, traveling w dad, coffee, exploring, bonding, panera + old navy + resume w mom, beach, a fair, mom’s surgery, a street performer, “we areee in fort myers…” an amazing gas station experience, dropping a necklace in a toilet, eye doctor, friendly christians, grown up sistas, sushi wednesdayyyy @ whole foods, hommmeeeee. sigh. it’s like an entirely separate life. anyway, saying bye to GA house, tropical smoothie cafe, packaging design, letterpress freaking printing, plastic straws, the art of the book, scholotzkys, busy busy busy, weekly dinners, bonding, art art art art, “you’re so tan!” lol, makin a zine, quilling like a boss, an awkward encounter w a deer hunter, watching the Meg, late late late nights of straw monster video editing, wait what; a fancy shmancy camera, retail therapy, some quality quality time w ppl, a personal statement, rings, dancing, a renewed appreciation for trees, steve urkel, a silent trip to the grocery store, some printing frustrations, locking myself out of car and home, an encouraging talk w an uber driver: “everything happens for a reason,” shutting up and sitting in a garden, wow GA is beautiful, back to church, hmm not bad, nowhere to turn in ga, questioning everything, lots and lots and lots of music: lots of Milky Chance; many many notes on sunday, a desire to learn to garden, sad news about a pastor, running again, a weekend of freedom glory glory hallelujah; spring is sooooo close, refusal to wear pants until november, flowers a-bloomin, pollen abounding, spring glory glory, I want to spend every moment possible outside. mkay, chao.

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