this pic is unrelated but so sweet huh ❤

Our job was to tend to the earth. That’s what God told Adam to do when he drove Adam out of the garden.

Oh my gosh. Humans have failed miserably. They invented this toxic, indestructible substance called plastic, and now 16,000,000,000 pounds of it enter the ocean every year. Micro-plastics plague the air, and landfills like this one in Nairobi, Kenya exist. Plastic is the weapon of a sci-fi horror movie. Instead of working the land, humans invented robots to process food for them, and they filled their food with sugar and chemicals so that everyone became addicted to it. They’re in the matrix, clearly. They throw their trash into big white bags and have no idea where it goes; they “donate” old clothes just to be rid of them; they flush their toilets with no regard for run-off or irrigation. Out of sight out of mind. No accountability for anything. No accountability.

With all of their advancements, humans have managed to destroy utopia. Natural systems are being disrupted, ecosystems falling apart. Climates are out of whack. Procreation is a mess. History is repeating itself, really. Humans chose to determine right and wrong by their own terms, and as a result they corrupted the natural order of things. It’s the same story over and over, because that is our curse. 

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