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college works, folks.

today I was fixing up my portfolio for job searching purposes and I literally said to myself, huh. i’m ready.

a good portfolio site has about ten of your best pieces of work. ten pieces that u r really happy with.

I actually had ten pieces I liked. more even, I got to choose. college has literally prepared me for this moment.

fjkldjfalsdkfjalkdsj!@#@#$#@$@#@$!!!!!!!! this is so exciting. i’m like, a freaking professional.

I mean I know I still have a lot to learn and whatnot, but wow look how far i’ve come.

I was like, dang, that looks good. yea I like that. they’ll think that’s nice.

i’m really grateful for my degree. it’s a really good degree. wow. what a blessing. man, there were so many moments in college when I thought, wow i’m so vain and terrible for pursuing an art degree. it’s such a frivolous thing.

but really, design is very useful. and the fact that i’ve had this training. I mean, it really has been such an amazing thing. what a fantastic foundation to grow on. i’m incredible grateful. so grateful. thank you, lord. for these opportunities. and experiences. and friends. and lessons. and changes. mkay. chao

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