I am currently sitting on a balcony. a balcony attached to my room. listening to crickets. not cold at all. it’s quite nice.

it’s amazing to think that two days ago I was crying like crazy. idk. but it’s always that way. the week before u move, u go through like two days of panic and crying. and then u move on. lol. and this is amazing. rlly. it’s so warm. and sunny. palmy. really pretty.

whimsy. someone used that word recently. to describe the houses decorated for xmas here. and I was like omg. whimsy. recently during a critique someone told me to follow that whimsy down to its logical conclusion. and i’ve been repeating those words ever since. it’s all u can do. follow the whimsy until it ends and then move on to the next. I feel v resolved about this.

um. that’s all I have to say.

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