happy easter. one time in the bible jesus walked around alone in the desert for 40 days and apparently didn’t eat anything. can u imagine? while he was there satan literally showed up and started talking mad smack to him.

maybe in your own self isolation u find yourself having to face your own demons. that can be terrifying. but the elephant in the room is that there’s something inherently wrong with all of us. & at some point all the ways we distract ourselves from that fact will break.

all I know is that clearly god has helped me. i’m not some whack ass brainwashed pk. I believe bc i’ve literally witnessed him change my life. there comes a point when the math falls apart and I cannot logically blame chance for everything that has happened. i’m no idiot.

why is my life the way it is? I mean rlly. what other explanation do I have.

mkay that’s all.

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