thoughts about the yr

ppl always have to have some sort of enemy to blame for their troubles. when things go wrong. gotta hate on something. for a lot of ppl right now they be hating on 2020. a quote terrible yr. I know it’s all talk but I find it so annoying. I feel like ppl have been hating on the yr since 2016. & it just seems to me like some sort of pussy shallow close-minded hippie shit. like, crisis is always rampant in the world whether it affects u or not. & I know that a lot of tragic life events happened for a lot of individuals this yr…so many job losses, lotsa covid deaths, moms dying of cancer out of the blue. but what kills me is when companies start using this mutual 2020-hatred-thought as a marketing gimmick. so many ads are like ‘yeah 2020 sucks we right there with u & next yr our product yada yada yada we r relevant.’ I hate that. I hate all of this mutual group misery. I mean I get it. it’s been a stupid few months. but i’ve been hearing complaints about how much life sucks since the 2008 recession. it’s like the entire globe is this 14 yr old girl who just moved homes and doesn’t know how to cope with change & she’s seeing her old home & life thru these rose colored glasses & it’s just not true. life has always been hopeless. always. just miserable. under the sun. and that is how I feel. I just wish I knew what to do to help the child that doesn’t get any of those sweet little pockets of hope & love to offset everything. the one that is starving on the side of the road. this is literally happening atm. & every few decades the developed world gets a wake up call. that life is actually terrible. life is the same story over and over. disaster strikes, everyone is united against a common enemy, & ppl get nicer. every plot of every story. over and over and over. ppl just tryna get to their happily ever after. everybody’s seeking a fresh start. a second chance. yr by yr. that toiling cycle. so where else can u get that hope. where can u get hope that doesn’t run out by april, hmm? this I ask u.

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