things that have been going on of late…


  • two weeks ago I volunteered at this banquet to raise funds for an organization that builds safe houses for adolescent girls who have escaped from human trafficking in the area. tim tebow was there and he spoke. it was extremely enlightening…
  • ^ “I am brave because i’ve been broken”
  • mack and I ran a half marathon about three weeks ago. it was greatness
  • I have quit drinking coffee and the withdrawal symptoms are terrible. my head feels awful all the time and my brain is foggy and it’s the sort of lethargy that u only get when u r experiencing withdrawal from a drug know what I’m saying
  • life been really busy lately but completely of my own doing so oh well
  • it’s all fun but all exhausting
  • I joined a pilates studio, a soccer team, picked up some additional design jobs, i’m tryna make some books for ppl, be social. go on dive trips. fish more. there’s just so much to do and so little time in the week
  • it’s a good season though. a fun little chapter
  • I feel like i’ve been learning a lot about myself lately. who I am, what my personality is like, what i’m sincerely good at. my natural instincts. it’s been a lot but I think that’s just the season i’m supposed to be in right now. it has been nice.
  • i’m really craving a day of isolating myself from the world. but life’s been too busy to allow it lately. maybe i’ll take off a monday.
  • caffeine withdrawal though. this week has been harsh.
  • i’ve been working on some fun projects lately. I feel like art is slowly entering back into my life and it is nice. like I took a little break to become a fisherman but i’m back now.
  • I miss reading.
  • two days ago I stopped by a farmers market after work to meet up with a guy who wants me to design some salsa jars for him. and all I could think was, wow this whole situation is a movie. how is my life so pleasant and resourceful.
  • really though. there are so many connections here in fort myers. the kind of reliable ppl and connections that ppl dream of having for their entire lives. and it’s all sort of fallen into my lap.
  • ^so when does it become time to leave all of this convenience and support and start over. or is it ever time?
  • i’m just realizing that the longer I live here the more invested I become. in some ways. in others I guess the opposite is true.
  • life happens in these temporary seasons one at a time…
  • lately i’ve been thinking less about what’s next and just enjoying the present. which is good.
  • climbed a tree recently
  • naples is such a pretty place.
  • I think that next week my goal will be to lean into the holy spirit more. get some truth back in my life. life’s been fun but a lot to digest
  • red hair has been good for this time

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