life is really hard, crisis is everywhere. & there are a million voices to listen to and it’s v exhausting. we live in a strange time here in the us of a where everybody values that boss grind hustle be productive life. but at the same time we’re supposed to practice self care & take moon dust & get the gains & whatnot. & with all of these conflicting voices marketing and telling us how to be that glorious best version of ourselves, everything turns into an overwhelming mess of insecurity & lonely self absorption/arrogance/denial.

ya work hard & be healthy & enjoy it. but there is also so much value in sacrifice. & love. & pursuing something for the rest of your life for the sake of something beyond yourself. something u may never get to fully understand. there is so much ache & hope here, & life is too short. & the stakes are high and low at the same time. I realized recently that most of my new yrs resolves were about my physical appearance/health & none were about improving my character. pft dumb irk.

so i guess in conclusion, seek truth. that absolute realness that guarantees a fulfilling life. it’s hard to cling to sometimes ya. but it always exists in the safe havens.

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