sometimes u have to close doors & tie off loose ends & put all of ur eggs in 1 basket in a way. let go of all the backup plans & this-would-dos & just trust that the supernatural world creator will honor your faith. regardless of if u actually have any idea of how things will work out. in short don’t be afraid to invest in something. & let go of other things. rent a home & get a cat & commit to a gym & maybe actually don’t keep your options open. choose an option. & stick w it.

lately I feel like god has been teaching me to trust my gut. and to stop leading people & things on that I know don’t actually feel right. to let go of things & wait for the fully right things to come along. truly. something that’s good and right rlly does exist out there. u don’t have to settle ❤

the lord will fight for u. u need only to be still.

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