that whole concept of having a life purpose or whatever, it’s so great but it’s such a privilege to be able to consider. it’s just so easily equated with some sort of greatness, or achievement, or humanitarian salvation. end world hunger. conserve the planet. help people you can’t relate to. etcetera. I think i’m just overwhelmed by all of the young people around me at the moment, who have these life plans or aspirations for their careers and their lives and what have you. or maybe they don’t, but they’re putting all of this pressure on themselves to figure out their calling, find their sweet spot. etcetera. and I get it. I guess I was doing the same thing a year ago. I had all of these expectations of how I thought my life should be going. and I guess it did take a year to get over. i’m so much more at peace now, about life. about the fact that really, all I have to do at the moment is enjoy it. hard times will come when it’s time. there is no reason for me to pressure myself into some sort of work-related ladder climbing grind. the lord will make the waves, I just have to ride them.

I get that the daily grind is hard, and some people have it really hard. that feeling of unsettled dissatisfaction, it needs to be addressed. i’m talking more about the weird pressure young people suddenly have to quote-do something with their lives. like what does that even mean. yes, meaning and purpose exist. and yes, we should live with intention. but all that we have, all that most of us usually ever have, is a lamp for our feet—directly below us. we cannot see what is ahead. maybe sometimes we get glimpses. but the clear obvious journey to be taken only comes in hindsight.

work is strange. it takes up so much of our time. only to fund the rest of our life. it takes up most of the daylight. it makes us sedentary. it hurts our eyes. I do not know why we all find ourselves here. at this place and time. I suppose it’s part of the curse, the fact that these jobs we’ve evolved to have actually harm our bodies.

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