irony & beauty & escaping & procrastinating & rest & balance & grace & failure

something I have learned recently is that living chaotically and undisciplined will end up harming the people around you. even if you think you have great intentions. it seems that neglecting your own spiritual health and sanity will always result in you making a mess. it makes you susceptible to so many things…apathy, pleasure, vanity, negligence. horrible spending habits. awkward interactions. ad libing the gospel message to a group of children. clinginess. overthinking. codependency. guilt. you know, it’s really terrible.

it’s terrible how quickly us humans are able to ruin a good thing. and by humans, of course of mean myself. I have been so blessed in my life. I owe it all to the Lord and of course I know that. but do I steward the good things he has given me well? not always. and honestly, that’s probably the only thing God wants of me—to steward his gifts. if I do that, if I just tend to the things God has given me with love and kindness, then of course, everything will go according to his will. that is my only part. to treat every blessing with love and kindness and patience. and to do that, ironically, I must first admit to myself that all of those things are not mine to begin with. I must release them. not try to control them. only care for them. if that makes any sense.

Lose yourself for my sake. Herin lies the paradox of the road less traveled. We finally find ourselves when we lose ourselves for Jesus’ sake. And how do we lose our lives for him? By investing all that we are and have for him and his gospel. By saying to him, “Here is my home, my checkbook, my talents and gifts, my brain, my heart, my hands, my feet, my mouth. Here—it’s all yours. Use it all to glorify yourself and further your purpose on earth.

I wish I knew where this was from but it’s just on a random post it note that I didn’t cite

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