think less + pray more

and other notes.

  • it is so weird how some parts of your life can completely change but then other parts stay the pretty much same. it’s a nice feeling honestly.
  • like if you get a new job and completely leave behind all of your old coworkers and your old work and end up in some entirely new place with a different vibe and different work life.
  • ^but then at the same time, your personal life stays the same. you still have a cat. u live in the same place. you have the same friends & family & loved ones
  • ^it’s a strange plight.
  • but, truly, everything is always changing always. my friends & family & loved ones are all going through their own changes. their own lessons & job adjustments. I guess the part that is consistent for them, is me. I am grateful for stable things that are also changing at their own pace.
  • overthinking is bad. praying and meditating is good. there is a very distinct difference.
  • worrying about wether or not you are managing your life well may or may not be from God. maybe God has placed you in a spot where your life is a little messy by the world’s standards for a bit. maybe you need to stop thinking and just embrace whatever He has put in front of you.
  • um. that is all for now. life is good

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