I was at panera the other day and a few feet in front of me this table of women holding babies was doing a bible study. at the end they shared their prayer requests. one woman said that her kid went into anaphylactic shock at a football game and they think he has a nut allergy but they don’t know how severe it is because the allergist won’t see him until he is one-year old, so to pray for that. almost every woman asked to pray for rest. it made me think about how sacrificial being a parent really is. you’re not tired because you’re busy with hobbies and fun social outings, you’re tired because you’re constantly trying to keep a kid alive. it seems hard but apparently just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it is bad. some of the best things in this life are hard. it’s almost as if we were made to take care of people, and to work hard. and doing these things makes us appreciate rest even more. all of the chaos that comes from loving others is actually the most fun and exciting part of life. it comes with sacrifices, but the more you live the more it becomes so undoubtedly obvious that the sacrifices are worth it. well I guess that’s all.

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