hello world 👋 I muse often on the timing of things, because it has always been one of the areas where I see god’s work so evidently. on that note here is a list of some of the things that have occurred in the past month. a little photo timeline if you will. ok without further ado here we go.

on september 17 we took the ferry to key west. playing cards on the boat ride. scooter-ing with hunter through the streets of this wack town. hiding in a key lime pie shop when the rain started to pour. walking back to the boat in the flooded streets. we thought it was unfortunate that we had chosen such a rainy day to go, but as it turns out, we chose the perfect day to go. because now due to the storm, the ferry has suspended service. i’m so grateful god allowed me to use the ticket I purchased two years ago before it would become impossible. literally the last weekend I would’ve been able to go, that is cray.

this was from a random run I went on with hunter that was rlly nice. sept 19

the next weekend we went to tennessee. hiking. driving through pals. talking with nana and papy. visiting davy crocket’s home. gathering buckeyes. jumping on hay bales. discovering a waterfall oasis. sharing beautiful moments. it was a perfect, most carefree trip. there is so much more beauty within my hometown than I have realized. I guess this really was the calm before the storm, lol. it was nice to share the rest of my life with h, felt very right.

and then of course, we thought H might be dying so we spend the night in the ER right after we returned to fort myers. perhaps this too was the calm before the storm. sept 27

then the hurricane event began. but I want to always remember the time cooped up in the house the two days leading up to the storm. because those two days were very unique. a little overwhelming and emotional and strange and tense. but also significant.

(the storm happened, we know this. too much to dive into.)

then in a turn of events we traveled to georgia for gabby’s bachelorette. fun, emotional, humorous, beautiful, good 🙂

pleasant memory ❤

many continual house things.

post storm beauty. this is the definition of the word ‘sublime’

returned to work, difficult to focus at first. sleep + health deteriorating. still a work in progress. doing much better tho. surrounded by loved ones. certainly want more time to pray + meditate.

we went to lakeland. oct 13-16. always pleasant & good. we did a whole lot. almost got a cat.

(pause) ahhh I love memories : )

an evening w h and his mechanic paper. this was actually just supposed to be a photo of the sunset.

karaoke night, with the nineteen year olds i’ve gone hiking with more than once

one bite at a time.

a pleasant night with my three favorite people, plus two other boys.

and that brings us to today. this morning, we sat in the truck for one last time and paid our respects to something worth taking a moment to remember and be grateful for. then we painted our pets. and now i’m sitting here on the couch, I just bought some cannolis from dhop because I feel like I should allow myself to do that once a month. the sun is about to set. life looks much different than it did a year ago but I am so incredibly grateful for it. I am so glad that god conducts my life, because reality is truly better than any grand dream i’ve ever had. in spite of the storm.

shalom ❤

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  1. tropicalsportsfl · October 25

    This blog post was really beautiful. I love your mind

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