the amount of shallowness and twisted truths out there has broken my heart today. narcissism and vanity disguise themselves as moral superiority, justice, and a woman’s right to “choose.” but control is always an illusion. and all sin leads to death. we are broken, selfish individuals. the only way to find the meaning of life is to acknowledge that fact, and to let go of control. I have no idea what kind of trauma any celebrity has gone through, the sort of fear that michelle williams may have felt when she realized she was pregnant for the first time. i’m sure it was terrifying. but the part that breaks my heart is that she celebrates her decision after. there is no grief, no solemnity, no acknowledgement of the weight—of how horrible the situation was. only boasting of her right to be in control of her circumstances. to delete the consequences and move on. but control is always an illusion.

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