2023 yens

it’s the list we’ve all been waiting for. here we go. I miss this little blog spot.

  • more time outside
    ah, I miss the beaches so much. but still, the sunset still exists. I need to go see it more. and deeply bask in the beauty of the sky again
  • more running
    I miss this too. it ties to being outside. and it gets the blood flowing and feels so good. and it helps me clear my head.
  • i’m actually excited about going to the gym w h!
    it’s a nice thing to do together. it’s fun.
  • more art fairs
    I hope I can pull this one off. I guess rather than art fairs I just want to get into making again. I wish I had a giant table for it.
  • less fruitless activities
    I want to fill my time doing meaningful things that i’m supposed to be doing. I don’t know what that means exactly. I just hate being busy.
  • more solitude/meditation time
    this must become a reg habit, not just something I crave but only do occasionally. I know I spend a lot of time at home during work hours but that doesn’t feel like solitude time – that feels like sucky bleh here-we-go-again time. lol.
  • more being there for my sisters.
    I miss them.
  • more preparing to be an art teacher
    I realized the other day that even if I don’t know if it’s time yet, I can still set myself up to be prepared for when God allows it to be time. bc he won’t allow it to happen until it’s the right time—duh. what a relief.
  • cherish living alone
    excited for the future—I know it’s right but I know it will be very different. I want to soak up all the gratitude for this sweet time. it will never happen again ❤
  • get hitched
    oh my gosh i’m getting married this year. what. this is so exciting. a lot is going to change, it’s a little scary but I believe I must trust God. and not worry so much again the future. take it one step at a time.
  • structure the workday
    while I am still in this sucky bleh here-we-go-again time I know I gotta handle it better. I want to wake up earlier, start and finish working earlier, and make time to run after work. and I want to spend at least two or three days working somewhere that is not my blessed little apartment.
  • weigh a healthy female weight for my height
    yes! health! it will be good.
  • finish christmas shopping in november
    I want to make this my new thing.
  • become more naturally kind to strangers and more socially competent
    I feel convicted about this. I just want to work on it even though I know it will be a process. i’ve witnessed this past year how much god really does continue to refine and shape us, and I know he can help me change.

I don’t know how to sum up 2022. I know that God was in all of it. lots of intensely good things happened (like falling in love hehe), also some intensely hard things (like the hurricane). maybe this song sums it up…

joy comes, tears fall. i’m learning there is beauty in it all—it’s not hard to find it, you just have to look.

I pray I never stop looking for the beauty in it all.

<3, meg

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