blogging is awkward


it’s been hard to write on here lately. posting feels too vulnerable all of the sudden. like who am I to share this stuff with the world. UGH. whatever. i’m overthinking this. I think part of it is bc I have a job now and I get freaked out that someone professional will see this and think i’m a child. growing up is hard. always having to worry about your reputation and whatnot. exhausting. anyway, here’s where i’m at.

•  ever since fort myers i’ve been acting like a mummy. being lazy and eating junk food. it’s gross. I gotta get outta this. it’s because i’ve been sick, but still. now I just feel fat and nasty. bleh. ewww. wish me luck; i’m going to change my life tomorrow.

•  I went on a scuba diving trip last week. please don’t ask me about it.

•  i’m graduating a semester earlier than predicted. which means I only have a year left.

•  been questioning my desire to move to new mexico lately. apparently it gets colder there than you would expect in a desert.

•  yesterday chris and I realized we only have 3 weeks of classes left. it goes so fast. but I am a-ready.

•  my family is moving to florida. so that’s pretty cool. much warmer there. it’s nice.

•  i’ll be here. in georgia. good ole georgia. and then new mexico? hmph.

•  I stayed up until 3 am the other night watching a netflix xmas movie. see what I mean about being a mummy? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

•  this sem has been good, but I didn’t sleep much. not because I often watch xmas movies. mostly bc of school.

•  I can see what paul meant now about delighting in his weaknesses and rejoicing when times are hard. you don’t realize it at the time, but those times really are a blessing. you grow so much. you rely on God so much more.

•  been getting back into painting. the other day someone asked me what I liked to paint, and I was like, “I like to paint people. Girls, mostly.” They looked at me so strangely. I told this person that I liked to paint girls. sounded pretty creepy.

•  the Pioneer Woman is on hulu, so hallelujah for that.

•  I try to be very open minded. very. but I hate football.

•  I haven’t been taking enough pictures of my art lately. or the process. but I promise i’ve still been making art in art school

•  I met with a career advisor last week. she suggested that I don’t give up on graphic design just yet.

•  please don’t ask me who I voted for.

•  I don’t know who I am!!!! help!!!!!

•  halloween was nice

•  the other night I was in the art school, and I saw my reflection in a window. and I just stood there and stared at myself and thought about how amazing it was that I was spending my night in the art school working late on a project and how someday I will look back on this time and think about how precious it was. little ole me. late nights in the studio. you only do this sort of thing once in your life. being a student is so precious. someday I’m going to have to stop being a student, or at least not have the luxury of being titled a student. and then my role in the world is going to change, and i’m going to have to give back, to teach what I was taught, to serve the world in some way. that’s what working is. serving the world. every stage in this cycle of life is important. I just hate the transitions. the memories are good. but change is always bittersweet.

•  holiday season is upon us. woop woop.

•  been rock climbing a lot lately.

•  I haven’t finished a single book this semester. I am sad about this.

•  I want to make sure i’m giving back. taking care of others. thinking about people. loving people. caring. sometimes I get too caught up in the day to day.

yeap. that’s pretty much what’s been going on. minus a few embarrassing details. slash things I forgot to mention. slash miscellaneous.

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