change and such

I feel like the first time I ever wrote blog post was the moment my life actually started. obviously that’s not true. but it’s the moment I started paying attention.

I love young meg (and here, and here). I can’t believe how much different life was four years ago. I lived in georgia, with trees. it’s amazing just how much we don’t know where we are headed. makes me realize that two years from now, who knows what our lives will look like. which is scary at first, but then it’s a reminder that we were never in control to begin with.

I didn’t see the youngness in what I wrote back then, but now I do. I was discovering things that seem obvious to me now. and I overused words like ‘shizzle’ and ‘cray’ loll. I was making whatever I wanted, because that’s what my professors told me to do. graphic design had endless possibilities to me. it didn’t mean making email spam and sitting through thirty minute meetings about “process.”

I think i’m still an optimist, but life is so different now. the lessons are different, but i’m so glad i’ve grown old enough to learn them. Corrie Ten Boom wrote,

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for a future that only He can see.”

i’ve quoted that on here before. i’m so glad I started this blog, so that I can go back and see the evidence of how true this quote is. in hindsight, it was all leading to something. things came full circle…and they still are, in ways I won’t be aware of for a long time.

as nice as it is to be nostalgic, I know that life is just as good now as it was back then—actually even better, because now I have lived even more. I get to take all of the memories with me. and i’m smarter lol.

and my faith has grown, even though I hadn’t realized it. the more experiences I go through with God the more I learn about him, it’s incredible actually. it’s like how marriage changes as you both age – it becomes a different kind of love. a deeper kind.

so all that to say, change is good. inevitable. maybe a little bittersweet. but also exciting. and God is always with you. he’s setting up every step. growing up is good too, because over time you are blessed with more responsibilities—like being in a relationship—and your life becomes a part of something bigger than yourself. thank you Lord for orchestrating my life.

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